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ScienceAtHome is a diverse team of researchers, data scientists, game developers, designers and visual artists based at Aarhus University, Denmark.

We create Citizen science games and platforms with the aim of revolutionising scientific research and teaching by game-play.


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Skill Lab - Science Detective

Discover your gaming superpower by playing a collection of mini-games! 

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The Center for Hybrid Intelligence explores the interfaces that facilitate collaboration between humans and algorithms.

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Take part in Citizen Research today. ScienceAtHome creates games that enable you to contribute to research in a number of different scientific disciplines. Currently our core games are focused on Cognitive science and Quantum physics. We also have Education games that relate research challenges to core curriculum with the aim of cultivating a love of learning and curiosity for how the world works.

We're working on changing Education using games and platforms to support learning. Contact our Education department to find out how we can bring research based game education to your classroom.

Quantum Composer is a quantum simulation and visualization tool built to support both Quantum Physics education and research.

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Danish elementary schools are invited to apply to Project FiF, a new teaching concept in the natural sciences based on the teaching concept ReGAME. 

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Rydbergator serves as a tool for exploring the dynamics of Rydberg state atoms where players can define the challenges within the game.

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At ScienceAtHome we're building a community around our games to maximise the real research results gathered from your gameplay. Everytime you play one of our games you are helping to push forward our research and our aim to revolutionize education and research.

Read the blog to keep up to date with the latest news about our work, where you can meet us and how you can get involved with our current projects.

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Watch and listen to the latest videos and podcasts from ScienceAtHome. Discover more on the background of the project and our citizen science journey.

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Work together with professionals who share your passion for science and education and co-create new discoveries that can change the world!

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Contact us to learn more about what we do and how you can become a bigger part of our project. 

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Are you looking for an internship to kick-start your career? We're open to fostering new talent.

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SAH team

Find out more about the diverse team behind ScienceAtHome and our awesome collaborators.

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Quantum Moves in Nature

If you experience a problem with one of our games or on the website you can get support.

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Deep Dive: Cognitive Science

Our game Skill Lab: Science Detective is helping to create a database of different cognitive indicators for people with different age, gender, and cultural backgrounds. This allows us to draw perspectives on cognitive normality, cognitive differentiation, and cognitive decline. You can find out more about the game and the science behind in these articles.

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Learn about the power of psychology and games!


The science behind
Skill Lab: Science Detective

We explain the three main scientific goal of Skill Lab.

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External Article

Understanding of Human Behavior through Citizen science

How Citizen science can be used to understand the human mind.