Visiting Skåde skole: Quantum physics and games in the classroom

We have had the pleasure of visiting the science class at Skåde skole. We went there to tell the students about quantum physics,  about the science at home project, and to present them with our newest game Quantum Minds. We started the visit with a talk by Jacob Sherson, who … Continue reading

Alien game launched !

“When you play a game — If you learn to be good at it — you find what it is you should have been thinking about.” — John Conway Since human beings have the ability to learn and “find out”, humans are much better than computers to learn how to solve complex … Continue reading

500 thousand plays

The goals of the science at home project are many, but the clearest one is, to invite everybody inside the university, to have a closer look at what we do in here, and to invite you to help us figure out the stuff that fascinate us. Continue reading

Science Ball: Quantum Moves on the Dance Floor

Coverage about the ball from W24 TV here : Vienna has an impressive ball season stretching from November to February. This year the Mayor created an entirely new ball at Vienna’s City Hall: The Vienna Science Ball (Ball der Wissenschaften) on Saturday the 31th of January. This was an ambitious … Continue reading